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ECLPS360, A Language Ventures Company, specializes in extraordinary language services such as translation and bilingual recruit screening

ECLPS360, A Language Ventures Company

Every year firms lose business opportunities and billions of dollars due to language barriers. This happens because they struggle to utilize effective language services and hire & recruit bilingual talent, preventing them from communicating their value to linguistically diverse customers at home and abroad. These ineffective processes not only waste valuable time and resources, but also expose the firm to legal, operational, financial, and reputation risks. In addition, firms lack the language and cultural resources to serve their customers.

ECLPS360 was founded by the son of Latin American immigrants who had to learn English to succeed in this country. After an extensive international legal and business career, he founded ECLPS360 to overcome the language barriers he witnessed hurting firms and consumers.

In an increasingly number of cities and industries, firms are facing the challenges of bilingual communication. Often, minority communities are unserved resulting in significant harm to the community. Based in Miami, Florida, a linguistically diverse city often referred to as “the gateway to Latin America”, ECLPS360 has the experience, expertise, and knowledge needed to help firms overcome language barriers by improving their bilingual hiring & recruiting efforts and serving their language services needs.

ECLPS360 also contributes to the local community by being an active member of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce and its team have received numerous community service recognitions.

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