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ECLPS360, a Language Ventures Company, is a Miami-based and Minority Owned tech startup that seeks to revolutionize the language services industry. We help our clients overcome their language barriers by implementing bilingual recruiting solutions and resolving their translation/interpretation needs as described below


Agile Language Projects

Did you know that the occupation that saw the biggest absolute increase in job postings was for Interpreters and Translators? According to McKinsey & Company, demand for Interpreters and Translators grew by over 268%!

ECLPS360 can also serve all of your translation and interpretation needs. With our experienced and qualified network of language professionals, you will be able to get your message across any language barrier.

ECLPS360 has completed translation projects for Credit Unions, Law Firms, Financial Advisors, and so many types of enterprises into numerous languages. Whether it is a legal document for a court case, a marketing brochure, website, or any other written document, our team can handle the project. Once we receive the document, we can analyze it and provide a custom quote based on the content, deadlines, and language pairs. We are also able to provide certified and notarized translations upon request.

Have a court hearing, conference, corporate meeting, or other form of live event? We can also provide qualified interpreters who comply with legal and industry standards to ensure all oral communication is delivered effectively. Typically we bill clients on an hourly basis and pricing will depend upon language pairs, content, and availability.

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