Luis A. Valdez-Jimenez

Luis A. Valdez-Jimenez is excited to offer professional voice over, public address announcing, and public speaking services.

Say goodbye to boring, monotone, and cheap sounding auto voice offerings which put your clients to sleep. Mr. Valdez-Jimenez has a unique and attention grabbing deep voice which will captivate your listeners and clients. With professional equipment and experience, Mr. Valdez-Jimenez can make your on-hold messages, videos, podcasts, and live events far more engaging, which helps you impress your clients.

Mr. Valdez-Jimenez started off with FIU radio and over the years did various voice-over and commercial projects for various companies. He also was hired as a Master of Ceremonies and Public Speaker at numerous business and community events.

After speaking at several business events an an attorney and entrepreneur, he was inspired to further pursue his natural voice talent and passion as a central part of his career. Aside from helping companies with their voice over needs, starting in the Spring of 2022 he was hired as a Public Address Announcer for the Florida International University Panthers Softball team.

He is still very active in engaging in public speaking throughout his community. He currently serves in the Lector Ministry of St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Miami and enjoys sharing his story on how he overcame a very severe speech impediment through years of speech therapy to share his voice.

See below for an overview of the various voice services Mr. Valdez-Jimenez can offer

Voice Overs

Impress Your Clients with a Strong Voice

Mr. Valdez-Jimenez has an attention grabbing deep voice perfect for the following:

  • On-Hold Messages
  • Radio & TV Advertisements
  • Video Presentations
  • Documentaries
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasts
  • Video Blogs
  • So Much More

Samples and Demos are available upon request

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